About us

About Us

Over the last 3 decades, the global economy has been technologically driven, delivering to our doorsteps every purchase order and services, thereby making living easier. The automotive industry has not been left out in this paradigm shift but has also been a major contributor to the great technologically driven economy. The industry has seen a variety of evolution and the evolvement of cars, different from what they looked like in the 80s and 90s. Their mentioning’s will range from four wheel drives, two wheel drive, manual drive, Auto-drives/speed-cruising, various exotic brands with divers options, and etc, with lots of price differences. The stated varieties have also become a major point of concern, where orders or demands from clients cannot be differentiated by dealers. These complexities and confusion are subjects that can easily be handled through proficiency, knowledge of the market, wealth of experience of the business and not forgetting, the generosity of excellent customer support system that ensures excellent service delivery.

Who We are

2020 CARS is a Pan-African optimum solution to your automobile sale and purchase order experience. Founded, built and serviced on technology; supported by experience, expertise and efficiency; we are the cutting edge marketplace for your vehicle. Our focus is to take the stress and hassles of outsourcing —be it brands, models and types (new, foreign or local use) of vehicles and clients off you, giving you an excellent service delivery experience from your comfort. We design our marketplace to be as easy and efficient to our clients as possible, by putting their satisfaction first. With our experience and expertise, we deliver to your doorstep your desired vehicle(s), when you need it and ensuring your objectives are met whether you are a dealer or the end user.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually provide flexibility, confidence and comfort in our services through effective technology, excellent customer support and feedback system with a global perspective that is targeted at meeting our clients’ needs.

Our Vision

Ours is to be the number one online vehicle market place in Africa, providing the best possible outsourcing, sales and dealership experience to our clients’ satisfaction, also, partnering with manufacturers and dealers across the world to encourage growth and success in vehicle dealership development in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa thereby enhancing sustainable development.


2020-CARS is upheld through:


    We are guided, tailored to fit, applying our essence to delivering acceptable innovative solutions to all our clients in full assurance of holding up to our words as an institution of credibility.


    We will always follow through to the end in ensuring the satisfaction of every client’s request or order as this is our path to success.


    We are committed to ensuring that no reed is broken in delivering a high powered solution to every patronage received also, we remain to constantly be available to your immediate, medium and long-term needs.


    With you getting the best of us in mind, our services are carefully packaged and targeted to meet global standards. This is evident in our approaches and results.




Our services include:

  • Free advertisement to all vehicle Dealers
  • Networking, Linkages and Referrals
  • Order Tracking
  • Consultancy

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