1. FAQ: How do I book an appointment?
It’s simple! Log on to our website www.2020cars.net, fill in the basic details about your car as mentioned above and schedule an appointment at your nearest 2020Cars branch. OR, you can simply call our customer helpline number at +23490-5532-9501 and we will schedule an appointment for you
2. FAQ: Will I pay a fee for the inspection?
No, 2020Cars inspection process is absolutely free.
3. FAQ: How do I list my car with 2020Cars?
You just need to fill the basic information about your vehicle, upload a few pictures and your car listing is good to go live.
4. FAQ: How long does it take to list a car?
We will start processing your listing as you submit it and will be available for prospective buyers searches within 48 hours!
5. FAQ: Will I be charged to list my used car 2020Cars?
2020Cars will not charge you for listing your car.
6. FAQ: How do I get in touch with 2020Cars if I am interested in buying a car?
You can simply share your details on our website against the car you are interested in buying. Our representative will connect with you, accompany you or meet you at the car location and help you buy the car of your choice
7. FAQ: Does 2020Cars provide home inspection?
Yes, 2020Cars is currently offering free Car Inspection at Home for a hassle-free selling experience. To check if the Home Inspection service is available at your location, please select your city while booking the appointment.
8. FAQ: Can I send my driver to get the inspection done?
Yes, you can. However, you must ensure that your driver carries all the required documents to get the car inspected. Also, please note that the owner of the car needs to self-attest all the documents involved. We will also need the bank account details of the registered owner of the car to initiate the transaction.
9. FAQ: What documents should I carry to the branch for my car's inspection?

It is important that you bring the following documents with you to proceed with the inspection of your car:

  • Original RC (Mandatory)
  • Insurance Certificate / Cover Note / Policy
  • Original Invoice
  • Duplicate Keys
  • Service Manual
  • Last Service Receipt
  • Extended Warranty Certificate (if applicable)

To avail instant payment for your car, please bring along the following documents:

  • PAN card of the registered owner (Mandatory for Payment)
  • 4 Self-attested photos of the registered owner
  • Registered owner's - Aadhar Card/ Pan Card/ Passport
  • Financial documents in case of financed car
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • GSTIN Registration Certificate (Required only if the car's RC is in the name of the Firm / Company / HUF etc.)

NOTE Take out all of your personal items from your car before your inspection!